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Infotree Global , bangalore · · Full-time employment · Information Security

Must have Skills:-

Direct working knowledge of a Privileged Access Management system including CyberArk, Beyond trust and any other PAM solution

  • CyberArk Vault, CPM, PVWA, PSM, PSMP, PrivateArk, Backup & DRVault Installation/upgrade/configuration experience
  • OPM (On demand privilege manager),SSH Key Manager, AIM (Application Identity Manager)
  • EPM (End Point Manager),PTA (Privilege treat analytics), Conjur
  • High availability/Load balancing of different CyberArk components
  • Discovery Management, Safe/Platform management, User on Boarding/off boarding
  • Password Management, Session management, Workflow Management, Auditing/Reporting
  • Hardcoded credentials management, SSH key management, End point access management
  • Granular access control/Least privilege, Secret management
  • Troubleshooting of operational issues like: Authentication Failure issues
  • PVWA, PSM, PSMP related Issues, CPM password change/verification/reconciliation issue
  • Manage and administer the PAM system and various components and configurations, including Vault, Safes, CPM, PVWA, PSM, DNA, and other related components
  • Beyond trust PBPS (Password broker password safe), PBW & PBM (Password broker for Window & Mac), PBUL(Password broker for Unix & Linux), Beyond trust analytics & reporting


Skills Preferred:

  • Must have 7-10 years of experience in the understanding, working knowledge, architecture and configuration skills in the following CyberArk areas:
  • Demonstrates excellent time management and self-managing of assigned tasks and duties, demonstrating flexibility in prioritizing and completing tasks.
  • Ability to build solid relationships; understand personal and team roles; contribute to a positive working environment by building solid relationships with team members; proactively seek guidance, clarification and feedback; and communicating potential conflicts to a supervisor.
  • Demonstrates ability to work in a team, receive direction, and perform tasks assigned, provide guidance, clarification, feedback and technical mentoring to less-experienced staff.
  • Demonstrates some level of knowledge of technology and security through scholastic or work experience.
  • Demonstrates proven thorough problem solving skills, individual initiative, and use of collaboration tools
  • Communicating in an organized and knowledgeable manner in written and verbal formats including delivering clear requests for information, responding to such requests, and communicating potential conflicts, risks, or issues.
  • Perform as a member of a team providing up to continuous support of multiple clients PAM operations, working during off shift, which may include nights and/or weekends.
  • Perform triage of trouble tickets and service requests from multiple client teams and end-users, providing technical expertise and guidance in response to tickets and questions.
  • Contribute to system, architectural, configuration, policy and process recommendations for overall system improvement.
  • Respond to, analyze, troubleshoot, and work towards resolving routine, low complexity problems involving clients PAM service.
  • Monitor client PAM service for health, performance, and availability; raising and responding to trouble tickets as appropriate.
  • Responsible for understanding each client’s unique environment and factors that could contribute to system performance, availability, or end-user issues.
  • Conduct research into potential resolution of identified problems and issues related to client PAM services.
  • Interaction with client staff, whether via ticket system, email, or telephone is expected; with minimal or no on-site or in-person client involvement.
  • Perform daily activities minimal instruction, with an appropriate instruction for new tasks and assignments..
  • Onboard various accounts, applications, and systems into PAM management.
  • Troubleshoot configuration and connectivity issues related to the PAM service, its components, or the management of integrated accounts, including network connectivity issues.
  • Monitor, operate and manage SIEM solution and multifactor authentication solution integrations in support of the PAM operations.
  • Analyze PAM system logs, and assist with analyzing application, network, and other logs as part of troubleshooting.
  • Conduct application or account onboarding into the PAM system management.
  • Create reports and analyze data with respect to PAM system usage, performance, and to meet client audit and reporting requirements.
  • Adapt and continuously adjust to changing environments, which includes staying informed of latest security and technology trends.
  • Provide guidance, clarification, feedback and technical mentoring to less-experienced staff.
  • Knowledge of other identity and access management tools
  • Excellent communication skill

 Notice- 30 days.

Location- bangalore

Years of experience -7 to 10 Years

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