Construkt - Startup Hostels are a convenient, community curated, business friendly living & working environment designed to cater to the travelling startup, digital nomads & creative community who we lovingly call hackpackers. At Construkt we believe in doing everything trans-disciplinary so expect to meet travelling folk, designers, artists, techies, entrepreneurs who all live to tell and write their stories! Find out more on

You should be using this platform if you are looking for jobs when you are on the move or a startup looking for specific skills for specific time frame or even to find partners for your businesses.

Become a better programmer. Join Geekskool for free

  • Are you a programmer looking for a foothold in tech startups?
  • Are you a professional who wants to make a career change to programming?
  • Do you feel you’re comfortable with code and need just a little nudge to become the talent that startups are looking for?

Join Geekskool's 3 month intensive hands-on course on the skills needed to make it in the world of startups. Work on projects that interest you, with experts in the technology industry volunteering as mentors. And did we mention it’s FREE? 

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